Unique Mother’s Day Flower

Here are some great Mother’s Day Flower arrangements ideas for that special lady who has given so much to you throughout the years! Thank her for giving her a beautiful and modern flower arrangement that won’t break the bank and won’t disappoint.

Pink Illusion Roses with Cordyline Leaf loops – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • a dozen pink illusion roses
  • 6 cordyline leaves cut in half, then looped and staples at base
  • large bunch of charmelia blooms
  • 2 white hydrangeas
  • aspidistra leaf ribbons (Amazon)
  • large vase (Ikea)

Tropical Mix Bouquet – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • a bundle of rainforest tropical bouquet flowers (birds of paradise, cordyline leaves, palm leaves, ginger blossom)
  • Cordyline leaves looped and twisted
  • cylinder vase (Dollar Tree)

Exotic Kraft Paper Wrapped Bouquets – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • 1 stem of charmelia bloom
  • 2 codyline leaves
  • pink tissue paper
  • kraft paper
  • twine and scallop cut out label

Hydrangeas and Snap Dragons in a Water Can – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • 2 large white hydrangeas
  • 4-5 snap dragons
  • blue water can (Ikea)
  • rocks for bottom of water can to steady it
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Share the Love Valentine Flowers Design

Whoever said Valentine’s day is only for lovers? You can always send happy Valentine’s day messages to friends, families, teachers, and co-workers and wish them to have a beautiful celebration on the day of love. Thanked them for being the loyal and caring person who has always given you a shoulder to cry on. Have a superb valentine’s day!

I Dig You! Valentine Cupcake Flowers Design


  • hot pink carnations
  • green carnations
  • fuchsia carnations
  • mini planters (Dollar Tree)
  • oasis wet floral foam (Amazon, Sam’s Club, & any craft stores)
  • grape for topping (Dollar Tree)

Beautiful One of a Kind Valentine Flower Creations

Supplies – (All flowers purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • pink illusion roses
  • hot pink illusion roses
  • fuchsia alstromerias
  • yellow cresperdia balls
  • grey Spanish moss (Hobby Lobby)
  • peacock feather picks (Amazon)
  • ruccus filler
  • aspidistra leaf ribbon (Amazon)
  • 8″ cylinder vase (Dollar Tree)
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Thanksgiving Flowers

Give Thanks with Fall Flowers!

I wasn’t going to make a Thanksgiving-themed arrangement this year but could not pass down a deal when I saw a bundle of alstroemerias for $1 at my local Krogers. To finish it up, I added some fresh rosemary from my garden.


  • 4 bundles of alstroemerias (red, yellow and orange)
  • 10 clippings of rosemary
  • sphere size vase
  • clear tape for a grid to hold flowers in place
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Introducing Rose Chic Flowers & Garden

Ok, I have expanded my hobby from florals to gardening for the past 2 years. I can’t say that there are not major challenges such as the Texas heat and them wicked garden pests. For some reason, I seem to have all of them! Here is my 1st post on the main page about my garden.

You can also CLICK HERE to access my Rose Chic Flowers and Garden page.

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Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Rose Chic Flowers shop was in full swing creating beautiful flower arrangements for all the special mothers out there. Thank her for all she has sacrificed and given throughout the years with a beautiful flower arrangement.

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

Before the Magic Starts!


  • white hydrangeas (Sam’s Club)
  • hot pink roses (Sam’s Club)
  • green trick balls dianthus (Sam’s Club)
  • pink alstroemerias (Sam’s Club)
  • red maison jars (Sam’s Club)
  • green & teal water can (Ikea & Dollar Tree)
  • galvanized tin (Dollar Tree)
  • wet floral foams (Sam’s Club)
  • kraft cards and envelopes (Hobby Lobby)
  • Happy Mother’s Day rubber stamper (Hobby Lobby)

The Colonnade in Addison, TX – My 1st table set up for Rose Chic Flowers

Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

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Holiday Flowers Design

I know I’m 5 months late in posting this. Better late than never! Or you can see it as preplanning for the upcoming Holiday in the next 7 months. These flower arrangements will not disappointment for the upcoming holiday. Try out one or all of these designs for your next dinner or holiday party.


Christmas Flower Table Centerpiece

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Krogers)

  • white hydrangeas
  • green baby hydrangeas
  • red roses
  • white lilies
  • fir
  • red gladiolas
  • 15″ wood box (Micheals)
  • 6″ red satin ribbons (Micheals)

Winter Wonderland Flowers in a Box

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • blue hydrangeas
  • red hypericum berries
  • grey Spanish moss (Hobby Lobby)
  • purple thistle
  • wet floral foams – oasis brand (Sam’s club or Amazon)
  • silver print photo box (Micheals)

Pretty in Pink Christmas Elegant

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • green illusion roses
  • pink illusion roses
  • red tulips
  • fuchsia spray roses
  • purple alstroemerias
  • fir fillers
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Random Fall Flower Creations!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Life happens! I will start posting new images of my flower design creations from last year starting where I have left off in October 2018. Try these flower ideas from using a bunch of mix flowers to flower topiary and flowers in a box. I hope you enjoy these flower inspirations and go out and make some for that special person in your life.

A Pretty Mix Bunch of Flowers

Flowers: (all purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • white hydrangeas
  • purple alstroemerias
  • pink/white charmelias
  • pink spray carnations
  • clear cylinder vase

Flower Topiary

Flowers: (all purchased from Sam’s Clubs)

  • blue hydrangeas
  • red & fushia alstroemerias
  • dusty brown mums
  • 8″ cylinder vase from Dollar Tree

Violet Love Flowers in a Box

Flowers: (all purchased from Sam’s Clubs)

  • violet carnations
  • yellow/peach hypericum berries
  • grey Spanish moss
  • floral box from Dollar Tree
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Fall Flowers Ideas Using Bold Colored Flowers

Fall is finally here in North Texas after 3.5 long months of 100+ degree weather!  Fall color flowers are so awesome with bold shades of orange, yellow, and red.  Gear up and create one for your upcoming Fall harvest event.

Fall Harvest Flowers in a 12″x12″ Box


Grande Fall Flower Arrangement


Asymmetrical Contemporary Flower Arrangement


Elegant & Rustic Fall White Flower Arrangement


Other Flower arrangements

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Ovarian Cancer Theme Turquoise Flower Design

It’s Ovarian Cancer Awareness month!  So get ready and get your turquoise/teal on! I created this arrangement for a special Ovarian Cancer survivor celebrating her 13th year anniversary today.

It’s budget friendly and inspirational so go out there and create this wonderful arrangement for that someone special who have beaten the odds.


  • large bundle turquoise/teal mums (Sam’s Club) or 2 regular size bundles (Kroger/Tom Thumb)
  • 3 white hydrangeas (Sam’s Club)
  • cylinder flare vase (Dollar Tree)
  • 5/8″ turquoise/teal satin ribbon (Hobby Lobby)
  • turquoise/teal glass beads (Hobby Lobby)
  • floral wire for making bead picks (any krafts store)
  • Optional: floral crowning spray (Amazon or Sam’s Club)
  • Optional: diecut message card (Hobby Lobby)
  • Optional: metal pick (Amazon)

Photo Gallery

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Southern Charm Flowers in a Box

I grew up my entire life in the South and would not have it any other way.  I was fortunate enough have grown up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, 1 hour east of New Orleans surrounded by a beautiful beach, an Air Force base (opportunity to meet people from all walks of life) and the best seafood in the South.  Nothing beats southern hospitality with a touch of modern charm.

These elegant mini arrangements are very inexpensive to create. My entire cost for all 7 arrangements was around $25 excluding the free thyme, rosemary & oregano from my garden. So no excuses on creating a beautiful and inexpensive arrangement for that someone special!  Enjoy!

For instruction on how to create these flowers in a box, please CLICK HERE or refer to my page titled, “Flowers Tips & Guides.”


  • 1 dozen of hot pink roses (Krogers)
  • 1 bundle of hot pink spray roses (Krogers)
  • 5 mini 3″x 3″ kraft boxes (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 small floral print 3″ x 5″ rectangle box (Dollar Tree) – NOT SHOWN
  • 1 block of wet floral foam (Amazon or any kraft stores)
  • 1 pack of table vinyl (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 candleholder vase (Dollar Tree)
  • thyme, rosemary & oregano (free from my garden but you can use any greenery such as holly from your flowerbed or garden as a filler)
  • Optional: Tea leaf ribbon for lining inside of candleholder vase (Amazon or Micheals)
  • Optional: floral crowning spray to help seal the flower moisture (Sam’s Club or Amazon) or a mist with water.

Photo Gallery

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