Holiday Flowers Design

I know I’m 5 months late in posting this. Better late than never! Or you can see it as preplanning for the upcoming Holiday in the next 7 months. These flower arrangements will not disappointment for the upcoming holiday. Try out one or all of these designs for your next dinner or holiday party.


Christmas Flower Table Centerpiece

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Krogers)

  • white hydrangeas
  • green baby hydrangeas
  • red roses
  • white lilies
  • fir
  • red gladiolas
  • 15″ wood box (Micheals)
  • 6″ red satin ribbons (Micheals)

Winter Wonderland Flowers in a Box

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • blue hydrangeas
  • red hypericum berries
  • grey Spanish moss (Hobby Lobby)
  • purple thistle
  • wet floral foams – oasis brand (Sam’s club or Amazon)
  • silver print photo box (Micheals)

Pretty in Pink Christmas Elegant

Supplies (all flowers purchased from Sam’s Club)

  • green illusion roses
  • pink illusion roses
  • red tulips
  • fuchsia spray roses
  • purple alstroemerias
  • fir fillers
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Southern Charm Flowers in a Box

I grew up my entire life in the South and would not have it any other way.  I was fortunate enough have grown up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, 1 hour east of New Orleans surrounded by a beautiful beach, an Air Force base (opportunity to meet people from all walks of life) and the best seafood in the South.  Nothing beats southern hospitality with a touch of modern charm.

These elegant mini arrangements are very inexpensive to create. My entire cost for all 7 arrangements was around $25 excluding the free thyme, rosemary & oregano from my garden. So no excuses on creating a beautiful and inexpensive arrangement for that someone special!  Enjoy!

For instruction on how to create these flowers in a box, please CLICK HERE or refer to my page titled, “Flowers Tips & Guides.”


  • 1 dozen of hot pink roses (Krogers)
  • 1 bundle of hot pink spray roses (Krogers)
  • 5 mini 3″x 3″ kraft boxes (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 small floral print 3″ x 5″ rectangle box (Dollar Tree) – NOT SHOWN
  • 1 block of wet floral foam (Amazon or any kraft stores)
  • 1 pack of table vinyl (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 candleholder vase (Dollar Tree)
  • thyme, rosemary & oregano (free from my garden but you can use any greenery such as holly from your flowerbed or garden as a filler)
  • Optional: Tea leaf ribbon for lining inside of candleholder vase (Amazon or Micheals)
  • Optional: floral crowning spray to help seal the flower moisture (Sam’s Club or Amazon) or a mist with water.

Photo Gallery

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Lunar New Year Flower Arrangements

Yes, I’m 4 months late on posting this.  Lunar New Year 2017 has come and gone! Better late than never!

Tet as my family would call this awesome holiday comes by once a year marking the start of a new year. 2017 is year of the Rooster/Chicken. How do know if you are a Rooster? If you were just born or turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72…keep adding 12… then 2017 is your lucky year. Your Zodiac animal repeats every 12 years.


  • The most important social and economic holiday through out all Asian countries. This holiday is even more important than Christmas.
  • Lunar New Year (Chinese New Years or Spring Festival) is marked by visits to family and friends, special meals, fireworks, and gift giving.
  • This holiday is a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors. It was also a time to bring family together for feasting.
  • Elders will give out money to children in little red envelopes called lai see for good fortune. In fact, many of the rites carried out during this period were meant to bring good luck to the household and long life to the family, particularly to the parents.
  • The entire house should be cleaned before New Year’s Day.  On New Year’s Eve, all brooms, brushes, dusters, dust pans and other cleaning equipment are put away.  Sweeping or dusting should not be done on New Year’s Day for fear that good fortune will be swept away.

My flower design inspiration for this post was inspired by this wonderful event called Tet (Lunar/Chinese’s New Year).

Traditionally during the 3 days of Tet/Lunar New Year, I am suppose to bring a large serving platter consisting of various food/treats to my relative’s house for the gathering, but this year I am bring flowers. Who doesn’t love a beautiful fresh flower arrangement!  Enjoy and Happy Lunar New Year!







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Holiday Cheers with Flowers!

Rose Chic Flowers Business Cards

Better late then never! I finally have business cards. Not sure why I waited so long to do this!

Rose Chic Flowers Business Cards



Below are some of my Holiday florals for this year using beautiful red roses, white hydrangeas, white alstroemeria, green mini poms, green and red hypericum berries, balsam firs, juniper blueberry cedar, bamboo sticks and preserved Spanish moss.  All flowers were purchased at my local Krogers in Wylie & Plano, Texas.






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