Mother’s Day Flower Design

Ok, so Mother’s Day is suppose to be my day of being appreciated as a mother but I find myself working harder during this day than any to other day! But that’s a good thing if it’s doing something I love.

Here’s where the magic happens at my flower shop!

Rose Chic Flower Shop Rose Chic Flower Shop

Psyched that I finally received my stamp just in time for these Mother’s Day flower arrangements.

Rose Chic Flower Stamp


Below is a gallery of everything I have created for Mother’s Day.  All flowers were purchased from Krogers and Tom Thumb. I hope this inspires you to make a beautiful arrangement for that special someone. Please enjoy!


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IMG_0442 IMG_0439 IMG_0431

Since I started flower arranging less than a year ago, this is by far the most inexpensive budget friendly flower arrangement I have created.  It only costed me $2 in flower cost. You are probably thinking how is that possible? My local Krogers have what they call the”Wahoo” prices for items that are marked down at least half off the original price. Since flowers are a perishable item, it gets the wahoo price after it hasn’t been sold within the recommended date.

1 bundle of white astromeria and 1 bundle of pink astromeria with each bundle costing $1 each.  For the focal point, I reused some of the cut stems from the astromeria in order to mock some bamboo sticks. I used rosemary from my yard as my greenery and a sphere vase that I have already owned.

Wahlah! A gorgeous budget friendly flower arrangement.


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