2017-2018 Herb, Garden & More

October 2018 – Here are the last of my garden images before the freeze hit North Texas and most of my garden will die off and the remaining will go into dormancy. Too bad it was so hot this year that my tomato plants quit producing fruits throughout the Summer months and now started fruiting again in late Fall. Check back next year for my 2019 garden where I plan on extending my garden by adding some raised beds.

September 2018 – The herb garden is still doing very well despite a very long 100+ degree Summer that is still lingering around.  I started to harvest my peppers since they were the only non-herb plant that fruited due to the heat!!!  The tomatoes are finally producing fruit again after some consistent watering, weekly fertilizing and some major pruning to increase air flow.   I have also built a simple greenhouse for the mint garden in order to decrease having to consistently apply pest control. In addition to the greenhouse, I also added an additional raised bed using smart pots to start my Fall and Winter crops.

August 2018 – My herb garden is blooming and growing but of course it did required a lot of watering, natural fertilizer, organic pest control and big love!  I’m ready for this 100+ degree weather to go away so I can start planting herbs and veggies that prefers cooler temperatures such as lettuce and spinach.

Summer 2018 – Flowers and Plants

Summer 2018 – Succulents

May 2018 – The garden is growing and bearing lots of great herbs and vegetables.

March 2018 – My garden officially came into existent!

May 2017 – Herb Bouquets 

These bouquets were created from my initial herb garden grown inside 36″ whiskey barrels and planters.