Here are some Flower Design How-To


CLICK HERE for Flowers in a Box instruction sheet.


CLICK HERE for Wrapped Flower Bouquet instruction sheet.

Some of my flower tips and information


  • 90% of all my floral arrangements uses flowers purchased from my local grocery stores such as Kroger, Sam’s Club, and Tom Thumb.
  • Because roses are available year round and can be purchased anywhere, they are the focal point within most all my floral arrangements.
  • Sometime I do venture out to Central Market, Whole Foods and Market Street if I am needing some speciality florals such as tea leaves, monstera leaves, eucalyptus greenery, orchids or other exotic varieties. Just keep in mind that floral cost is higher at these speciality places versus Krogers or Tom Thumb.
  • Sam’s Club and Costco also has great fresh flowers too which can be purchased in bulk online with free delivery without having to go thru a flower wholesaler.


  • The containers or vases used within each arrangements can be found at any craft stores or such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels or other stores such as Walmart, Ikea and Dollar Tree.
  • If buying a vase is too expensive, head to the kitchen department and consider using a cereal bowl, serving bowl, salad plate, dinner plate or a latte mug. These kitchen items are both inexpensive and functional.
  • I used photo boxes lined with inexpensive vinyl table covers for my Flowers in a Box themed arrangements. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are always running 50% off sale on these photo boxes.
  • If all else fells within your attempt to find a vase to hold your flowers, just make a hand-tie bouquet. Its both rustic and chic!


  • Below within the photo gallery include floral supplies that I used often and alway have on hand.