Unique Mother’s Day Flower

Here are some great Mother’s Day Flower arrangements ideas for that special lady who has given so much to you throughout the years! Thank her for giving her a beautiful and modern flower arrangement that won’t break the bank and won’t disappoint.

Pink Illusion Roses with Cordyline Leaf loops – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • a dozen pink illusion roses
  • 6 cordyline leaves cut in half, then looped and staples at base
  • large bunch of charmelia blooms
  • 2 white hydrangeas
  • aspidistra leaf ribbons (Amazon)
  • large vase (Ikea)

Tropical Mix Bouquet – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • a bundle of rainforest tropical bouquet flowers (birds of paradise, cordyline leaves, palm leaves, ginger blossom)
  • Cordyline leaves looped and twisted
  • cylinder vase (Dollar Tree)

Exotic Kraft Paper Wrapped Bouquets – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • 1 stem of charmelia bloom
  • 2 codyline leaves
  • pink tissue paper
  • kraft paper
  • twine and scallop cut out label

Hydrangeas and Snap Dragons in a Water Can – All flowers were purchased from Sam’s Club

  • 2 large white hydrangeas
  • 4-5 snap dragons
  • blue water can (Ikea)
  • rocks for bottom of water can to steady it
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Love is in the Air! Valentine Flower Edition

Yes, I am going to say it again, Love is in the air!  Valentine’s Day is just days away so gear up for some simple budget friendly flower arrangements that will sure to win many hearts!  Nothing says love like beautiful flowers!

Valentine’s Day also hold a special place within my heart.  I was married on Valentine’s day and about to hit my 14 years wedding anniversary on 02-14-18.   Everyone keeps telling me how lucky I am to have gotten married on Valentine’s Day because it prevents my hubby from forgetting our wedding anniversary!  LOL!  Yes, that’s the good part but the bad part is that flowers are so expensive during this time.  So after many years of receiving overpriced flower arrangements on my wedding anniversary, I decided to turn a new leaf and experimented with making my own flower arrangements using flowers purchased from my local grocery stores.  Rose Chic Flowers was born and the rest is now ancient history.

Enjoy and spread the love one flower arrangement at a time!  You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

Love is in the Air Heart Flower arrangements



Flowers:  I normally use roses within most all my arrangements but because the price of roses double in price around Valentine’s Day, I decided substitute roses with carnations.  All flowers were purchased from Krogers in Plano, Texas.

  • 1 bundle Burgundy carnations – Arrangement #1
  • 1 bundle White carnations – Arrangement #2
  • 1 stem of Hot pink alstroemerias per arrangement


  • Glass heart shape vase (Dollar Tree in the candle aisle)
  • 1/3 block of wet floral foam (I bought in bulk from Amazon)
  • Aspidistra leaf ribbon (I bought from Amazon but can these ribbons can be found at Micheal’s)


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