Modern Spring Floral Design


I love the Spring time because it is the last few weeks before it gets over 100 degrees in Texas. While shopping at Krogers on my lunch break, I had to walk by the floral department to check out the florals. At that moment, I knew I had made a mistake.  The floral department had ton of their floral bouquets marked down to half price. These Wahoo prices are like crack to someone like me.

So after looking at a dozen Wahoo priced bouquets, I decided to settled for this purple and peach mix bunch.  I am normally not a fan of mix bunch flowers because these bouquets contents a lot of cheap filler flowers. Since these were half off at $7.99, I thought why not!

I decided to go with a modern contemporary arrangement to ring in the Spring. Sorry, I should have taken some before pictures of the bouquet and all the supplies needed.  I will make a note to myself to do this for future arrangements.


  • 1 bouquet of mix flowers (large & small purple mums, orange sprayed carnations, peach snap dragons, orange/yellow astromeria and ruscus leaves)
  • Half a block of wet floral form
  • A square 9″ plate
  • A piece of the mylar wrapping from the floral bouquet to line the plate before adding the foam (This is optional. I like doing this for the ease of cleaning the plate)

I hope you enjoyed this floral arrangement and get inspired to create one!

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IMG_0442 IMG_0439 IMG_0431

Since I started flower arranging less than a year ago, this is by far the most inexpensive budget friendly flower arrangement I have created.  It only costed me $2 in flower cost. You are probably thinking how is that possible? My local Krogers have what they call the”Wahoo” prices for items that are marked down at least half off the original price. Since flowers are a perishable item, it gets the wahoo price after it hasn’t been sold within the recommended date.

1 bundle of white astromeria and 1 bundle of pink astromeria with each bundle costing $1 each.  For the focal point, I reused some of the cut stems from the astromeria in order to mock some bamboo sticks. I used rosemary from my yard as my greenery and a sphere vase that I have already owned.

Wahlah! A gorgeous budget friendly flower arrangement.


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